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Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's not delhi winters, it's jsut my red, burgandy, yellow winter socks... my santa muffler and my garish winter caps..

a runny nose is bothering me...
and right now someone is chatting up with me (continuously)
even though i want to pee.

sometimes people want to sing..
and they have no money and ther's no bling..(bling)
they're good old merry fellas living on teh streets...
even if you're a stranger, they don' mind taking treats.

when it's cold in delhi & the wind's a bitch...
playing havoc with your hair..
(you're looking like a ghost now..tch tch..tch..)

There are a dozen peircing knives..
Delhi's cold wind's a bitch..
I'm sorry (dear readers) i've got no advice..
i know...i know.. that's a hitch.

my nose used to turn red, and numb and icy.
i couldn't make out sweet from soemthing really spicy.
i kinda liked that..
and now thats what i loath..
i can't get to wear any of my winter clothes.

sigh.. it's good im going home..
before the winter starts..
i must wear my winter clothes..
even if i like someone's really bad art!
i have these red, green and even purle & yellow stripes

and now it's looking like im writing a poem..
but it's not Delhi that i'm missing
someone please go tell 'em.

it's just about the peircing winter chill out there..

posted by phantasmagoria at 2:23 AM


Why would you protest to such a beautiful nature’s gift….??
Why are you so whiny…??
Well, winters are lovely
Winters are blue
Its winters- that really make you true….
So try stepping out and see
How truly wonderful these winters can be!!

12:03 AM  

err.. apart from teh fact that you didn't get what i wrote..(cause yu think im criticising winters..when actually i'm saying the opposite..), it's impossible for me to step out and see, how truly beautiful these winters can be..cause there are NO WINTERS in BOMBAY. hehehe

2:21 AM  

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