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Thursday, October 26, 2006

excuse me? i can see yu through the periphery of my eyes..

recently while travelling in the train (on a long distance journey) i faced a huge problem. the problem was that for no fault of mine, i was the focus of two people's stares. there was a mother with her daughter, and both refused to look anywhere else, but me.
i didn't know what to do..i tried distracting them..i'd suddenly look out from teh window and for a minute i'd even trick them. they'd look out too but again would fix their stares at me. (i wonder why) i even went to the loo mirror to see if ther was soemthign on my face that was distracting them.
at first i ignored them and tehn later, i started smiling at them, thinking they'd stop cause now they knew that i know they're looking at me. later i got really bored and kinda used to it.. and so i thought of how i can keep myself from staring back at them and leave them alone in their business! so i took out a book from my bag and read teh entire book..finished it at around 9 30 and when i looked up i knew they'd still be looking at me.. and yes, they were.
i'll never know the reason but i do know that it's a habit that i hate...
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i really liked this article...n u know why..cuz its on a random topic..and writing such topics really show how good ur writing capabilities are..!and yeah!i re read my articles again n i did notice i write long sentnces..i'l try 2 do away wth that..thanx:-)

5:59 AM  

Funny. Sure agree there. The stares in long distance journey freak me out too.
Why didnt you just walkup to them and ask what was bothering them. Surely the mystery be solved. So you had gr8 time holidaying!!!!!

1:50 AM  

:D :P :D wht can ii say ,you maybe looked too good to not look at you over and over again!!!! hahhahah

10:18 PM  

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