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Sunday, November 16, 2008

insanity in the name of faith.

It is rather unfortunate that in a day and age when people need faith and hope the most, certain people are out to destroy their only chance.
What religion means to many can not be understood by anyone…but here are a couple of questions to ask yourself today- “what is your religion?”.
Here’s a question I want to raise- “if religion means you should stand in front of a statue and pray, does that act really give you hope/ peace? Is that your faith?”
What happens to having a personal relationship with your god? What are you really doing and running after. What are you preaching? Will this search ever end?

In a country where we proclaim freedom of speech and thoughts, why is it that certain people are still not really allowed to choose their own way, their own calling. Why can’t it be THEIR personal choice?
Today I want to state that any such hideous act where people are curbed the right (which is so personal) to be with their god (because THEY believe it is their god) should be condemned.
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