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Monday, November 30, 2009

I've reaslised that i'm no good at poetry. And that whatever attempt I make to moonlight as a poet, will mostly be met with little or no success.
Also, unlike my writing, my poems are probably understood by one person alone.Me. And after a while, i lose that audience as well. So, i'm not seeing much point in this anymore.
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I know we hav had this discussion before...But I strongly believe that a poem is actually really meant only for the poet...For its about the whole thought and experience behind writing it...A poet doesnt neeed to ever explain his/her poems..N its for the readers to hav their own interpretation of it for their lives...And that what makes poems much more interesting than prose...:) N i think Leprchaun is an extremely interesting poem..Beautiful imagery! Cheers

11:39 PM  

You're also no good at spelling the word 'realised'. Sorry. Inherent Writer's Trait.

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