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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I’ve been wondering why people these days (including me) mindlessly, go about asking around “Wassup”? It’s certainly not the influence of beer commercials. It has to be something more. Like lack of things to say instantly when you see someone. It’s the casual, non implicative, the un-thoughtful “wassup?” that you utter on your way to the restroom to avoid that awkward glance from your co-worker. It’s the substitute of a long, uninteresting and banal conversation with your brother’s friend who is using the computer at home, to trash some villains. It’s also the appropriate greeting for your neighbor while you’re on your way back home after a long day and just can’t wait to get inside to settle the provisions you’ve just purchased.
The point is, in the cases discussed above, you rarely expect an answer. In fact, you sometimes don’t even bother waiting for a reply. A brief monosyllable, heard faintly while you go about your business will suffice. But a long conversation that requires the ‘asker’ to stand and wait and listen and wait and listen and wait… certainly not happening.

Sorry to hurt your feelings but in most cases it’s a passing thing. (When you say it on the phone, it’s different. Then, you and the person you are engaging in a telephonic conversation with are probably out of topics. Or it’s usually applied right after the phone has been answered. My best advice is, hang up after the point is made.)

So the next time you really want to have a meaningful conversation, please refrain from starting it with the very very silly “wassup”. It hardly means anything and does not give (at least me) a feeling that you really want to know what is really on with my life/work/mind/day/orwhateveritis. Ask me the question you want to ask. Because if truth be told, I sometimes may not have an answer to the vague, ambiguous, frightening, "wassup". So be nice and speak it out silly.
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Thank you for saying it! Really, I've been fighting a lone battle here!

8:46 AM  

"Wassup" is NOT a question. It's a greeting. Like "Hi".

8:47 AM  

hehehhehe =)

1:43 AM  

I think you should add 'heheheh' to that list as well. And 'lol', while you're at it.

1:23 PM  

Wassup is nothing but the predecessor of the erstwhile "how are you?" Did you know that when somebody greets you "how are you" you're expected to retort with the same, instead of replying "I'm fine". Same is the case with wassup.

Hey wassup?
Nothing. - WRONG.

7:03 AM  

@Totto For the record, the correct response to "How are you?" is "I'm fine and how are you?" like you said, and not [just] "Fine, thank you."

I've always maintained that the appropriate response to "What's up?" is "And what's up with you?"

Also, 'predecessor'? You mean 'successor'?

1:09 PM  

You're right, wonder where i heard that one.. its not true anymore.

And i meant successor..

9:02 AM  

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