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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

While the summer lasts…

Summer is not my most favoured season. It’s the opposition that I’m with. Winters, not the cold-gray London kind but the hot-chocolate-sit-on-the-couch type, is what I really fancy. Monsoons would win the prize but they lose by a tiny margin. There’s just too much fuss (over limp hair, over shoes, over closed skin pores, ruined picnics, white Kurtas and other such things.) Of course you enjoy the season more if you’re sipping cardamom tea and watching the rain slap against the fluorescent green lawn, through a French window.

Summer, contrary to what it sounds, is not such a happy season. You get burnt in the sun and never feel powder fresh (except for the 5 mins. that you really are). Your energy gets greedily sucked by the merciless sun, in the form of swollen beads of sweat. And, you get sick. Salmonella tastes your food before you do. Candle light dinners make your make-up compete with your dessert, in a ‘melting’ competition. You’re lucky if you don’t wear make-up like me. But then again, no one can do w/o eating, right.

So, here’s a little message to all the celebrities in the world. Before you name your 5th adopted child Summer, think again. After all, in this part of the equator it’s not the most arousing season. If you want to argue, then take a trip to Rajasthan and then we’ll talk.
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Sweet ending!

And I agree - summer sucks. But the monsoons are worse! :)

3:49 AM true!!! However, whatever said and done, I love monsoons too...

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You give some good writers a complex.Very well written posts.

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