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Friday, February 13, 2009

are we running out of real issues?

In smog city, when there are a REAL issues that the world is turning a deaf ear to...look what some people are busy doing.

MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena has told its shakha pramukhs in the city to launch a protest against Valentine's Day celebrations on Saturday. The public outburst against the Shriram Sene's recent mayhem in Mangalore has not dampened the party's enthusiasm for moral policing.

"The Sena has, for long, been protesting the festivities. We will go ahead with our action plan on Saturday,'' Arun Dudhwadkar, `vibhag-pramukh' of south Mumbai said on Thursday. (does he really feel smart after making that statement!!?)

Pointing out that Sena chief Bal Thackeray and party executive president Uddhav Thackeray were "stridently opposed'' to Valentine's Day celebrations, Dudhwadkar said, "The guidelines have been set by Balasaheb and Uddhav-ji. There is no change in the party's policy. So Shiv Sainiks will launch a series of protests against V-Day festivities,'' he added. However, the Sena official refused to reveal his "action plan'' for south Mumbai.

"I can only tell you that several leading departmental and book stores have been calling up my office throughout the day, wanting to find out about our plan. I told them that we would go ahead with our protest. Now, it is for them to draw up their course of action.'(where were these guys during the terrorist attacks, again?)

Asked if the Sainiks would barge into city colleges, Dudhwadkar was non-committal. "Let's see how it works out,'' he said, adding, "While we don't wish to disrupt campus life, major celebrations will not be allowed anywhere.' (there, that's a mature outlook. Maybe it'll even solve our AIDS problem.)

"The day is against Indian culture and tradition. We were opposed to it in the past and there is no change in the party's stand on the issue,'' said Joshi. (of course in a city where English is the first language, this is a moral stand we must take.)

"The usual practice is that we call on the leading stores, malls and brief them about our protest plan. They cancel celebrations on their own. This helps defuse the crisis,'' Parab said, adding, "This year too we will follow the same strategy.'(and, what a terrific strategy it is in a country where we're supposed to have democracy!)
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