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Monday, February 02, 2009

So, I’ve just finished reading Kari - Amruta Patil and I think it’s extremely dark and beautiful. It’s like a sad song that you like singing. That gets you down but you still sing it. Melodiously.

The writing is what I fancy in particular. I haven’t read another writer who has seen everything so differently. Things that we things are too common to write about, like living alone, or auto rickshaws wading through the narrow city lanes in monsoons, are all captured with their essence. Honestly with appropriate words.

There are times when I stopped reading the book and started listening to the storyteller.
The ink is spread thoughtfully on each page and the interesting illustration compliments the writing.

There are few lines from the book that I’m putting up here. For those of you who usually don’t pick books on recommendation, this might be my convincing argument. For those of you who do, you must’ve already figured out by now… but still.

“No one else could call a colt a flower. And no one was such a flame-thrower acrobat with pans and knives as was Ruth. The grotty kitchen turned into a secret garden around her. The house fit her perfectly like a crystal slipper.”
- Kari on Ruth (her love interest).

“For some people, one coupling is all their hearts can hold. They mate for life like blue-footed boobies. Others mate as beautifully with one as with another.
-Kari on smog city girls.

“There are settling girls. There are unsettling girls. The ones who seem to have it in them to be flyers are the ones who seem to want to snuggle into settling. The ones who look as settled as old housedogs, want to twist their way into flying. Necessarily, you must be defensive about being the settling sort of girl.”
-Kari on girl complexities

Figs are dark creatures too, skin purple as loving bruises. A fig is one hundred percent debauched. Lush as a smashed mouth.
-Kari on fruits that she’s too broke to buy and relishes at a friends place.

“The circus is in my head. Not in my life.”
-Kari on herself.
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no doubt that m totally convinced to get a copy....Amazin observations!!!!!

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nice your way arunda

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