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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Got milk? (easy question to answer!!!)

Client servicing is thankless. The client can be anal, use your head as a chair and park their behind on it (who knows, maybe even fart/shit) and of course feel free to pull out your toe nails and pour lemon juice over the wounds, slowly. The point is, you can’t say “NO way, YOU WHIMP”.
You are expected to listen. Even if your ears get sore. It just makes me wonder, why someone would even do that job? But I guess some animals were created to bear the burden of others, while they sip on Mojitos !
To add insult to injury, there’s the creative department. Sometimes, just to revel in the joy of torturing the servicing person, the creative guy comes to work. That could also be the reason of his/her existence.
Of course, there’s no need for them to listen to the servicing people. They can kick the servicing guy around, just because their cat peed in the dining hall. An illogical argument can be triggered by a bad lunch the creative had, or an indigestion problem. It could be because he supported McCain and Obama won. And of course a bad hair day is a valid enough reason too. (If you’re still asking for a reason, give up and go home.)
The deal doesn’t end here. On a Sunday when the servicing person gets time to bathe, and is singing in the shower, the phone will ring. And most chances are it’s the client. Time has no meaning. Love has no meaning. Life has no meaning.
Let me explain why with a few Definitions:

The client: a living horror.
The creative: a bigger horror.
The Client servicing exe.: A mistake his/her mom made.

I have been trying to figure out why someone would do this to themselves. I still haven’t. I think some questions can’t be answered. Remember that look on your mom’s face when you asked her why your nosey tastes salty. Did she have an answer?
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Just another day in advertising?

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thankfully, not for us.

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