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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

an overdose.

I’ve just been curious to know whether or not tea can uplift your mood, like coffee can. Tea is good. Especially if it’s flavoured- think cardamom and cinnamon.
But what’s even better, according to my taste buds, is Coffee. Now think hazelnut infused frozen frappe.
Coffee has that something that tea doesn’t. Like Jude Law has that something that Adam Sandler doesn’t/can’t.
There’s taste, smell and sound (that of the coffee machine or the beating of the spoon against the coffee mug while making a frothy paste). All a tea takes is a boil.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I like tea. In fact in most places I always drink tea. But it’s cause I prefer coffee so much more than it hurts me to see it go wrong.
The sugar can’t be too much. You have to hold the milk just right. And of course the Coffee powder has to be the right amount. The point is, it’s blasphemous to go wrong with coffee. You don’t try making it if you can’t.
On most mornings, I owe my calm to coffee. Like when I’m reading about Archie tying the knot with Veronica Lodge, or the U.S army soldiers videotaping their female collogues bathing, nothing else works better than coffee.
But while I’m praising the brew so much, let me remind you that coffee is like sunshine. And just like too much sunshine burns, too much coffee stains your teeth.
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LOL...Can't survive without Coffee!!! It truly deserves all the adulation..
PS: I disagree about the Jude Law n Adam Sandler comparison though :P

1:32 AM  

okay, let me calm down and explian very gently.
Adam sandler is like tea. he may have his good points. But are you even comparing the two?? !!!

3:57 AM  

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