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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

surprise test.

So this morning when I went to the passport office, I knew that it’s difficult to get things done in the first go. Something told me, I’ll be back again. (That feeling was right.)
After everything was kind of figured out, I took a cab from the passport office to get to work. The weather was lovely I was enjoying my ride. Being stuck in traffic just didn’t seem like a problem.
When I finally reached office, the friendly old cab driver gave me my change back and said, “best of luck.” To which I immediately responded with a smile and a “thankyou.”
After the cab pulled away, I realised that he’d wished me “luck”. Did I really need it? Was that supposed to mean something I didn’t know about yet? Am I missing something?
And then a certain sense told me- Every single day we put ourselves to test. We take tests e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. Small tests and sometimes big. And we also fail miserably. Because these tests aren’t about scoring big numbers (algebra and trigonometry are childsplay in comparison!)
This is when you do a bit of introspection. Did you lose your patience in the local train while travelling to work today? Or was it the taxi guy you gave a tough time to, because your white linen pants were sprayed with muck because of that speeding punk biker? Did you pass brushing your teeth before sleeping last night, on account of being lazy? What about that dessert you had after being stuffed? You failed everytime you gave in.
Now, this is the good news. Some of those tests we put ourselves through aren’t really that important. Imagine you break that promise of brushing your teeth after you’ve had a nice chocolate soufflé for dinner and sleep, what’s the worst that will happen? You’ve given in to laziness and gluttony and also carelessness. So what? After all, when you’ve done this a few times (read: million times) for 10 years, the worst that could happen is you lose a few teeth to cavity. And, that tooth fairy will pay you some more annoying visits. She’s not that bad you know. You’ll make friends with her. And also with the dentist.
So set some priorities. If you’re consciously making an effort to ‘not be angry’ then try your bloody best to not be. Under no circumstances should you give up or give in. And that is it. If it makes you think that every time you break a vow that you made to yourself, then you’re failing these small little tests that life throws in. if you think you’re give up smoking, then really make up your mind and do it. The important thing is to try. And doesn’t everyone in the world know that to ‘err is human’. So, be a bit considerate with yourself when you fail. Do a few push up’s. Don’t be so tough on yourself and ground yourself. I’m sure you’ll get by with a little help from your friends.
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