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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too Pink.

Well... this one is not going to be about the color pink. And as opposed to what people think... i am NOT obsessed with the color. (infact i hardly liked it..until i relaised i did actually like it)

For starters, i haven't understood why men are conditioned to NOT like pink or associate themselves with the color. (if girls can like/wear teh color blue, why can't men like/wear pink?)

Secondly, i confess i might be a little too fond of it lately, but i'm not sure why. Yea, i bought a pink bag,(but it's not flourescent...those who think it is..need to make that trip to the optician) I like to call this PINK, the 'pretty fuchsia'.

It's nice to see a color like this in the morning..and and goes with almost all teh colors that you wear..well except for a few. (like those of you who wear yellow t's and orange pants can't pull off the 'look' with the 'pretty fuchsia')

Thirdly, it stands for a lot of things. .. it talks about a mood, it could be anything from happy, sad or rude.

Fourthly, there is *A SONG by a famous band about this color... (so why can't people like this color?)

Fifthly, as a child i used to read a comic book called 'pinky' and billu...but then again it has nothing to do with my new found fondness with this color.

lastly, the fact that i wrote a post about this color DOES NOT mean that i love it a lot. Sure i like it but my favourite is blue. (apart from the 'pretty fuchsia')

ps (the third point dosen't make sense to me leave it at that)

Just like when you crave chocolate and you go to a barista and stuff yourself like a glutton with those dark chocolate tempations..and you get so sick of them that you can't eat them till err..another week..(for me the haterd lasts for a day..btw) ...this phase shall pass too..

And that will happen when i wake up to see that all the clothes in my cupboard are pink... and suddenly it's not a pretty pink but a freaky pink.. i will get over it.. but until then..
i shall enjoy being PINK!!

* Aerosmith- PINK!! listen to it.
posted by phantasmagoria at 2:18 AM


well, i shall say this without getting embarressed abt it..cuz im not-I LOVE PINK!i hv pink clothes, shoes, socks, belts, bags, and (ahem!u knw wt!)so i dont understand y ppl give u "the look" when u say i love pink!i mean, liking pink does'nt make me a bimbo or a silly "girlie girl!" ur rite chots, i dont understand y this fuss over the colour pink!!

12:28 AM  

pantasmagoria! thts the name tht came to my mind when i read fuscia :D well pinky, enjoy the colour until u find
ur next facination.

10:16 PM  

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