Carpe Diem!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

while she brushed her teeth...

Did you look in the mirror this morning
You sure you saw you?
Or was there a person trying hard
To fit inside your pretty shoes?

She entered the bathroom
And began to brush her teeth
In her head there was a song
Without a rhythm or a beat

She took a cold shower
and put on some bright clothes
aware that running will reach her faster
to the train’s she so loathed

she was breathing too fast
confused bout where to go
almost out of breath now
but still so unsure

then it struck her real hard
that she doesn’t really know
where exactly she’s running to
and where she was to go

so she stopped right there
and realized that now’s the time
to unpack her bags, sing out loud
She knew now she must unwind!
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