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Monday, December 18, 2006

you've just been tagged!!!

Okay…Diana has tagged me and that means I’ve to spill out certain things about myself that not many people know about me….

So here goes…

1) I’m a terrible public speaker… I clearly remember once in school I had to read my essay that my English teacher had LOVED and since she thought it’s really well written she wanted me to read it out to the class and I made the lamest excuses to get out of that situation…well that never happened…. And as I read it my legs shivered, my ears went red and my palms were sweating. I did a repeat of that one in college, when we had to talk for 3 minutes in front of the whole class about our passion. I got so nervous that I forgot everything that I would otherwise say!!!

2) I mumble and giggle in my sleep sometimes…(and sometimes I talk clearly too…) I once even shook hands with my friend in my sleep and once I put my hand up in the air as though shaking it with someone… and when my friend asked me what I was doing I said “I’m shaking hands with the black man!!”

That one freaked me out as well…. But trust me it’s nothing serious… tell me you won’t stop talking to me after reading this!! Please.

3) I once laughed so bad that I pissed in my pants… okay… confession time… that has happen more than once… okay…just for clarification….that happens mostly when I get once of my ‘laughing fits’, not otherwise so much.

4) I’ve got two stuffed dogs… and their names are Pashu Pati and Prem Prakash. They’re both twins and are Dalmatians.

5) I once forged my mothers signature for my report card cause I flunked in my math exam and I was scared to show it to mum… she obviously found out later and was really mad at me. I did that a lot of times without her finding out for my unti tests though! (So full marks for that one atleast!)

Okay…people…. I tag everyone who reads this….post..
There is no way I’ll ever know who all did go through this one...but big fuck… everyone, this is confession time… lets get started!
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confession time choti :) neat idea..reminds me of truth or dare :)

9:05 AM  

good good choti!!i was thinking of making some earth shatering confession too...and i thought and thought...and i came up with nothing!damn! i am no good! havent done anything worthwhile in life....

11:10 PM  

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