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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

live the life....

What if someone made your decisions.
What food you must eat. And where.
Also when and with who.

What if you picked your own clothes
Only to please others.
Wore the colors other people think suit you.

What if every ambition you have

seemed like only a dream to others.
A dream too far from reality.

What if you wrote keeping the reader in mind.
Spoke with the listener in mind.
And dressed with the viewer in mind. And there is no parity.

What if others have such strong opinions
that yours don’t stand
a chance.
Everyone on their fingers, wants you only to dance.

What if you only smile cause others are.
Your heart feels sad cause others are crying.
You are so silly you miss out every good chance.

What if you were living a life of a a rat
What if you had no feelings of your own
what if you found out that you are remote control.

What if someone knew that your smile isn't true.
Not even your laughter or your tears too.
And in this huge drama, you're an actor sans a role.

A dedication to a dear friend....
written on one of those days when i'm feeling out of sorts.(smiles finally).
posted by phantasmagoria at 8:00 AM


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thts bondage! an thts dubbed as adjusment in our society

9:45 AM  

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