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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

the ghost of mathematics...

When I was younger, I was really bad at math. Well, now, many years later, nothing has changed.

I would learn equations (quadratic and linear) and understood geometry a bit so banked on that to pass my exams. Scored 32 on 100 in my 10th boards and I know for sure I got grace marks for good handwriting and the double lines I drew after each sum. I remember how i used to open my notebook and mug up theorems etc.etc... hoping that i get asked the same qestions in my exams.

After 10th I was glad that I could nicely do away with math as a subject. But it never really leaves one, does it?

Everytime I buy something, I’ve to calculate. If it’s a big amount, I just pretend to count and then nicely smile (which is mistaken for confidence) and keep the change in my wallet.

Guess when you’re bad at math, giving a smile works best.
posted by phantasmagoria at 12:49 AM


1st! ye ye givin a innocent smile does wonders. darted math never ev leaves you in peace but in pieces that you can't count!

9:26 AM  

Giving a smile works wonders for most occassions, but I don't think it will work where maths is required..mebbe just my opinion

9:09 PM  

has anyone in our family ever liked maths? i hated maths, still hate maths , and there's no way that i'l ever like it in future!ha ha~

1:09 AM  


if you hate math ...and zwinky hates math

thats makes one plus one...equals???

come on ...this one's real easy!

10:19 PM  

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