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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I ‘might’ be a total Antithesis To a Girl.

Okay. This morning....
something really big came and sat on my omelet sandwich I was eating for breakfast, I left it half way through…then it sat on my hand...and I ran to the loo to scrub it with Dettol (wondering where all the fly must’ve been before it visited us here). Thinking I’d lost that monstrous fly somewhere in this huge office…only to find it happily eating away the sandwich I’d abandoned.

Anyway, I chose to ignore it and go ahead with work. BUT when it came on to my desk again, I just couldn’t help but plan it’s demise. Yes, girls with a heart don’t do THAT-said my friend, but since people already think I don’t have one... I can happily go ahead and think all these morbid things( phew!)

So what does one do when something big and dirty is flying around their head? You kill it with a notepad that’s next to you. You put the notepad to a better use and you put the big fly to rest.

And after it died, I got to hear something from my friend. She told me that I ‘don’t have a heart’. What am I supposed to do, save all the flies, reptiles and rodents?

Oh did I mention anywhere…. I DID not even kill. (although I thought of it.) :)

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hehehe...clearly not the best ting to say right now.

5:42 AM  

ya. you got it right. you can be just AS annoying. hehehe

3:00 AM  

:) nice way to put it ref. tothe last line :)

7:15 AM  

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