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Friday, March 16, 2007

Ask me what a foghorn sounds like???

I know because me blowing my nose sounds a bit like that. My head has a perpetual pain. (I’m actually getting used to it now!)

If I sleep on one side, I risk blocking my nose on that side and along with it, that side of my head too.

It sucks to wake up in the morning when the first thing you do is try hard to breath in through your nose, and that doesn’t happen. So then you do what you do… breathe through your mouth.
Well, it’s nice if you get a double scoop of raspberry and yogurt ice-cream. It’s really not nice if you get migraine AND sinus. (together).

Leave alone both, I can’t handle one on a normal day.
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:) reminds me of the blow blow ...article i of the many thinks u just have to blow away as fast as possible :)

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