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Friday, March 16, 2007

wishes at the moment

i wish a cold wouldn’t block noses
and little girls didn't worry bout their weight
i wish coffee didn't stain teeth

i wish rolling was an art (that i knew)
and my head didn't hurt right now
i wish i didn't have to listen to Shaggy(ever)

i wish a fly wasn't dirty at all
and the world worshipped only ONE god
I wish money didn’t exist

I wish people weren’t nosy enough to peep into my computer right now
And they’ just leave the hell out of me alone

I really wish I’d get chocolate right now.

and the whole world liked colors.
and it was okay to ramble

and and...

(to be continued)

posted by phantasmagoria at 6:42 AM


siiigh... I wish for the same things.... don't mind me, I liked this piece :)and felt nice to know, there are others..

4:13 AM  

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