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Friday, April 13, 2007

could it be worse?? (ofcourse it could.)

My life is defined by awkward moments. Period.

Hugging someone when the person doesn’t reciprocate (because the hug is unexpected), forgetting someone’s name and the trying to form every sentence carefully so that I somehow don’t have to address that person by their name, leaving a dirty sanitary pad at a friends bathroom, even worse, leaving it on the window right next to the soap dish so that it has the bleakest chances of being missed, getting down on a platform at a station in Goa and getting into the train and being told by a really old woman to take care of my skirt(my skirt was stuck inside my innerwear, when I took a stroll on the platform.)

My memory fails me right now...but there are loads of more of these incidents…when my ears become red and my knees feel shaky.

And today yet another thing happened.

On a really crowded afternoon, in a really crowded mall I was going down the escalator and then, someone turned back and walked up those stairs that get you down. And impulsively, I did too. And then obviously I fell down. I hurt my knee so bad that I just stood their facing the people who were staring at me from above and went down with the elevators, without any reaction. It hurt so bad that I wanted to cry out loud. Especially when I felt that huge bump, and after realisation that I’ve spilt my chilled coke also. (First of all, I rarely drink coke, and when I do, it spills on the most unexpected place- escalator).
Anyway after a bit my friends took pity and got worried when I didn’t move, and they came down that SAME ESCALATOR. One of them insisted that I put up my jeans, but I didn’t want to expose my unshaven legs and more than that I didn’t want to see how bad the bruise was. But I did see it later. And now I’m limping. I can only hope it gets better so I can shake that leg once more. (sigh).
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