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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My sis just delivered the much-awaited baby. IT’S A BOY!
His wannabe rajput and truly political parents named him Jayativardhan.
Imagine something that’s really tiny, having such a long name. Phew.
Anyhow, I realized how my AWESOME (dream-come-true) Goa soirée seems so non-exciting, since I’ve heard bout the new member in our crazy family.

But nevertheless my Goa trip calls for a post. (since i don't have my new born nephew's pic, i'm gonna make do with this kickass pic of mine, from Goa!)

It was fun. That’s one word to describe it best. I didn’t come back a psy devout (As my cousin suspected), but I came back once more, deeply in love with that place called Goa.
The ever-welcoming place. The place of my retreat.

We went in a huge group of 25 and then more joined us later. Yet I had so much time to myself. I just loved it. Sipping the cranberry flavoured vodka, as the sea swallowed the sun. Nice company I must say. Martins lunch is another unforgettable thing that happened to the Goa thing. Superb food.

Spoke to people I barely did earlier…spoke very little to those who are famous for being chatterboxes. Was nice.

Everything was nice. The trance didn’t matter after a bit as I’d love any music with so much energy flowing all around. Although till I could enjoy it, I loved it. It stayed within for a long time later.

Oka done with Goa.

Back to being excited bout being an AUNT!
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