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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you want a partner (or cash)??

No thankyou.

Neither of these movies are worth a watch. Seriously. Just wanted to put in a word cause I’ve noticed sometimes people need reminders. Also, incase you still want to go ahead and watch Cash (becasue the makers have duped you by potraying it as an action flick) be prepared for anythign but that. Shamita Shetty plays a supposedly smart cop but never gets it that her own boyfriend is a criminal. Anyhow, i guess certain things are jsut inexplicable! i wonder why she thinks he's ehr Mind blowing Mahiya. (ewwww- it's Ajay devgun tryign his best to look young and keep pace with the slightly gayish Zaheed K.

Well, Isha and what's his name... don't even deserve a mention. (seems like someone's been skipping acting classes). Dia Mirza looks pretty. And there's nothing else that comes to mind regarding her role. That's it i guess. Oh wait, there was Suniel Shetty also.... i wonder why he was tehre though.

Seriously want to go and watch a nice movie now.

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i'm up for simpsons!!!!

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