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Thursday, May 10, 2007

welcome the Rockstar!!

Well I haven’t somehow written bout my trip back home. Let me just say it was great to be home this time more so because of my new born nephew. He’s ADORABLE. This little boy, came out skinny leaving all the fat to his mom. (btw she has teis eautiful glow on her face after the delivery and she looks damn cute with those maternity jeans and all those clothes!)

After re-christening him JaiV/ Jay (from Jayativardhan) I settled down …. I sat with JaiV and forgot about taking a bath or having my lunch. Simply gazing at him seemed like a better thing to do.

Anyway, I later took a great shower. Realized I’d been away too long from a luxurious bath in my over sized bathtub. Missed it so much!

The few things that made their entry into the list, during my entire trip are-

JaiV (no I’m not going to repeat this one over and over again!)
Ghee soaked roti’s
Fresh orange juice for breakfast
Watching tv (confession…coffee with Karan- Rakhee Sawant episode)
The supposed basketball court submerged in a pool of water
The fluorescent green plants and trees after the rain on 5th.
The rain on 5th
The silence during the power cut after it rained
Not working
Not making my bed in the morning and cleaning my room

But the number one highlight of my trip does remain the cute boy; I’m in love with these days. Yea yea, he’s bald, toothless, has sharp nails that he scratches himself with. But he giggles in his sleep, stops crying when he listens to music(anything, anytime. Everytime). And headbangs on his mommy’s shoulder when on the other hand she expects him to burp. Oh the day his mom said “I really want him to learn classical sangeet when he’s a bit older” and with all that headbanging he’s doing right now, we don’t really have to take guesses about where this rock star is heading!

Miss seeing him early in the morning.
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