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Thursday, October 26, 2006

excuse me? i can see yu through the periphery of my eyes..

recently while travelling in the train (on a long distance journey) i faced a huge problem. the problem was that for no fault of mine, i was the focus of two people's stares. there was a mother with her daughter, and both refused to look anywhere else, but me.
i didn't know what to do..i tried distracting them..i'd suddenly look out from teh window and for a minute i'd even trick them. they'd look out too but again would fix their stares at me. (i wonder why) i even went to the loo mirror to see if ther was soemthign on my face that was distracting them.
at first i ignored them and tehn later, i started smiling at them, thinking they'd stop cause now they knew that i know they're looking at me. later i got really bored and kinda used to it.. and so i thought of how i can keep myself from staring back at them and leave them alone in their business! so i took out a book from my bag and read teh entire book..finished it at around 9 30 and when i looked up i knew they'd still be looking at me.. and yes, they were.
i'll never know the reason but i do know that it's a habit that i hate...
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's not delhi winters, it's jsut my red, burgandy, yellow winter socks... my santa muffler and my garish winter caps..

a runny nose is bothering me...
and right now someone is chatting up with me (continuously)
even though i want to pee.

sometimes people want to sing..
and they have no money and ther's no bling..(bling)
they're good old merry fellas living on teh streets...
even if you're a stranger, they don' mind taking treats.

when it's cold in delhi & the wind's a bitch...
playing havoc with your hair..
(you're looking like a ghost now..tch tch..tch..)

There are a dozen peircing knives..
Delhi's cold wind's a bitch..
I'm sorry (dear readers) i've got no advice..
i know...i know.. that's a hitch.

my nose used to turn red, and numb and icy.
i couldn't make out sweet from soemthing really spicy.
i kinda liked that..
and now thats what i loath..
i can't get to wear any of my winter clothes.

sigh.. it's good im going home..
before the winter starts..
i must wear my winter clothes..
even if i like someone's really bad art!
i have these red, green and even purle & yellow stripes

and now it's looking like im writing a poem..
but it's not Delhi that i'm missing
someone please go tell 'em.

it's just about the peircing winter chill out there..

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