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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiring another comic. (that will hopefully take my world by storm)

Until recently, Unicorns and People (and Sea horses) were the few species that eluded comprehension in my mind. But now there’s a recent subject. It’s the Arcane Arachnid.
In the quiet of my bathroom, bored of the magazine in my hand, I was sitting and looking around. Counting tiles and observing why the blue is fading on some of them and not on the others. My eyes were curious to find something new that I may chance upon in the room, when I noticed a Spider trying to climb up the wall. And just then, without my permission a few thoughts came marching inside my head like an army. Full of inane questions. Something asked me if I’ve ever wondered whether Spiders are happy or downright miserable (not even sad). No one really cares about them much. Well, except for scientists, musicians (maybe), painters (not) and now more recently, me.
I mean did you ever wonder if Spiders can laugh, giggle or cry. Do they want to just curl up and die on some days? Do they have dinner parties behind your fridge in that rusty corner where you and your maid haven’t ever bothered to peek. Do Spiders love other Spiders?
Spiders have great potential of becoming legendary. They have of course, inspired one of the world’s greatest comic stories. But have you wondered how? Imagine, they don’t even make a sound and have still made so much noise in the world of comics. Spider man came out of a Spider and then overshadowed it with all his wondrous works (all of which is only fantasy in Stan Lee’s head). The teeny Spider kept spinning his web in the solitude of the dark, dingy, upswept corner of your house.
I want to announce that I’m going to start a comic strip and my hero will be the plain, simple, dark, unpopular, inspirational, neglected Spider. Without any frills. Just the way they are. Here they will of course not be climbing sky scrapers and rescuing bimbettes. They will not be taking out their masks and kissing girls, while they enjoy a head rush hanging upside down. Nor will they be wearing glasses and walking around like geeks in the day time. (As I write, I realize that I may be seriously ticking some people off here. So I’d like to pause here to say sorry with a radiant smile.) All I intend to do is to make them popular (in the small set of people who may support me because they’re my friends) by bringing out the other side of Spiders. A side that’s not sunny side up. Where they are as real as well, they aren’t. It will be based purely on what I think, they think; and you think, they think(in that order). Let’s wait and watch what really happens to this.
Who knows this will turn out to be big(er) one day. I propose to do this with a friend and still haven’t mentioned this plan to him. I hope the Spider manages to charm its way into our books.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The music submerged into madness and died a screeching death.

Bad dreams can leave you with such a bad taste. A taste that spoonful of Nutella cannot erase. A lingering burnt smell that Vaporub cannot subside. And a heavy heart that cannot float to the surface to swim in the moonlight.
And yet the strangest part is to have no recollection of it at all.
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Friday, May 15, 2009


Ever remember writing an essay about them in school? Well, if you do, then shut up. Because I don’t care and I don’t remember. I’ve tried to understand why and have concluded that it’s mainly because I find them pretty insignificant as beings (for those who’re wondering why we’re talking about them, it’s because I want to reinforce their insignificance).
Firstly, I don’t understand their reasons for all that arrogance. They’re evidently not in the league of the Big Cats. Imagine there’s a grand feast in the cat universe. Now, where do you think the pussy cats will be seated. Of course they will be the ones serving. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not being prejudiced here; all I’m saying is that in comparison they’re so miniscule. And are likely to be relished at the table by those they’re serving.
No matter how hard they try, they do not have the class/ panache or the charisma to be like their victorious predecessors. Cats are uselessly walking around our land, pretending to own it. I think they should be kicked out or gobbled up by the Big Cats.

Remember those people who flash their expensive cell phones while they’re inhaling second-hand-chauffeur-breath in their Mercedes. Well, the point is that they really do have a cell phone to flash. What on earth do the cats think they have. What? I asked one of them. It didn’t have an answer. Simply looked away and walked, shaking that silly little rump. How convincing is that!

I once read somewhere (and totally second that profound statement) “Who would’ve thought that behind those luminous eyes there is no soul.” On observation you will see that Cat’s really do have eyes that to some people may come across as mesmerizing. So, here’s a point to ponder over. Centuries ago, Eve was mesmerized by the serpent to eat and apple and we still bear the repercussions of that.

Some fool said and believed, that Cat’s have seven lives. Imagine living a pointless existence once and then multiplying that by 7. Bad theory. In my opinion they don’t deserve even the one they have.

God, please bless the land where people relish Cat’s for dinner. Or lunch, supper, breakkie, tea… you get the drift.
Anyhow it’s been too much time writing about Cats. So without wasting a sec…….

ps: i HAD to write this. I think i beat a world-wide record by writing about Cats (the most unimportant, neglect able and hopefully for some people, delectable animal).
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Muffin trees can't really be your best friends.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

While the summer lasts…

Summer is not my most favoured season. It’s the opposition that I’m with. Winters, not the cold-gray London kind but the hot-chocolate-sit-on-the-couch type, is what I really fancy. Monsoons would win the prize but they lose by a tiny margin. There’s just too much fuss (over limp hair, over shoes, over closed skin pores, ruined picnics, white Kurtas and other such things.) Of course you enjoy the season more if you’re sipping cardamom tea and watching the rain slap against the fluorescent green lawn, through a French window.

Summer, contrary to what it sounds, is not such a happy season. You get burnt in the sun and never feel powder fresh (except for the 5 mins. that you really are). Your energy gets greedily sucked by the merciless sun, in the form of swollen beads of sweat. And, you get sick. Salmonella tastes your food before you do. Candle light dinners make your make-up compete with your dessert, in a ‘melting’ competition. You’re lucky if you don’t wear make-up like me. But then again, no one can do w/o eating, right.

So, here’s a little message to all the celebrities in the world. Before you name your 5th adopted child Summer, think again. After all, in this part of the equator it’s not the most arousing season. If you want to argue, then take a trip to Rajasthan and then we’ll talk.
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