Carpe Diem!

Monday, September 03, 2007

good morning...everyone.

Today morning, I had three rupees thrown at me. It wasn’t particularly for any fault of mine though. I reached Bombay central station and there were no cabs around so I waited with my umbrella open, in the rain…some 15 mins. After which the traffic police guy saw me and took mercy. He finally decided that he should be of some help. So he hailed a cab from some corner of the taxi parking. And an old man in a cab drove up to me. He looked at me angrily and asked where I wanted to go. Because he was really angry, that he had to take me, at such a short distance, he drove his cab like a snail. I didn’t say anything. After reaching I gave him 20 rs. (it was 13, but I had no change). He kept it in his pocket without even giving it a second thought. I waited for my change and finally gave up and asked him. He said he’d have to go back without a passenger. i told him that it wasn’t right and that I wanted my change back. So he gave it to me by throwing it at me. And I quietly walked out. Because today morning I didn’t want to fight with someone who looked like he had one leg in his grave. I simply walked out, even after all that insult. (for no fault of mine). And now I’m writing about it. How silly of me!
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