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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nichita Stãnescu A Poem

Tell me, if I caught you one day
and kissed the sole of your foot,
wouldn't you limp a little then,
afraid to crush my kiss?..
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Monday, August 18, 2008

early morning hues

The best thing to happen to you early in the morning
(if there’s any such thing, that is) is a sumptuous breakkie- eggs and bacon, melted butter on toast and pancakes and to wash this all off, a nice cold glass of orange juice. Well, atleast that’s that for me. Unless of course you wake up and find a hidden gift in your old bag.

So, I woke up day before yesterday, slightly dizzy from the over doing of the night before….really sickly and walked to my dressing room. I still don’t remember what I was looking for, but I know I was surprised when I dug into my bag and something random came out of it. Waking me up and replacing the pillow marks on my face with a smile. It was a small maroon coloured pouch, the kind our grandmothers used to keep jewellery in. inside it was a small green necklace and a note that worked better than a good early morning breakfast (the kind I mentioned earlier)!

My cuz had thoughtfully left me a gift that she’d bought from her first salary and after years she’d written me a note tht was so full of love…it made me feel so special.

So here’s to early morning surprise gifts that make ‘getting out of bed’ worthwhile.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

the big snatch and the blue toe.

So I was coming home in a rickshaw about 8:30 something and two bikers came near close and snatched my fully loaded bag. They fled so fast that I couldn’t even see their number plate. So basically I went straight to the police station to lodge an FIR, knowing that I’ll never get my bag back. ]

Until 11:30 that night I was at the police station dealing with the cops who already seemed too tired with me. And then, hope came ringing on my cell phone. Someone called someone to tell me that my bag is at Dadar police station and that I can come and collect it from there. And the cops at Dadar station also reminded me at 1:30 of the same. So the next day I went to collect my vandalised my red bag… the one that had only one torn wallet without any money or cards and ONLY one old picture of an old boyfriend that I had never been able to get myself to throw out. Not to mention that they left my yellow umbrella inside, intact. It was a bit of a surprise, because I Love my Yellow umbrella (since yellow really works wonders when the sky is grey outside).

The day after that brought along another problem. My toe got infected. With puss. And within a day it was swollen like a small lemon. Clearly this was turning out to be a sour experience! On my way back home, I stopped by at Holy Family hospital- the one place in Bombay where I can walk in for a check up. Because since I’ve shifted here, I’ve fallen ill a few times, and every time I’ve gone there…so by that logic it’s my family hospital so to say. Anyhow, getting back to the point, I went there, and to know that I’m in trouble. So, turns out that the doctor will be operating on it and taking out the entire puss and maybe even the toe nail. And the way she said it, I was wondering if the doc will be pouring lemon juice over it after that for his personal pleasure.

The next morning I was a nervous wreck. I remembered this moment in my childhood, when I was bitten by this sort of domesticated dog. With flesh hanging out from my knee I limped to my parents to tell them what had happened and my father told me the driver will take me to get my shots. On hearing this, I wailed until my mother stepped in to say she’ll accompany me. As all this was going on, my cousin from the U.S of A was explaining how this is a clear crime case against the dog owners. “They should be sued and should go behind bars to not get their dog all the necessary vaccines”, she insisted.

My reverie was broken when I was waiting in the queue to meet the doctor. He inspected my wound like a scientist would look at a UFO and told me that all it will take is a minor surgery. And I don’t know what on earth is a MINOR surgery. To me every surgery is major! Anyway so there I was in the operation theatre after a few hours… sick in my stomach also, by now. Under the light my eyes hurt badly and my toe was being watched by one doctor who had a mask on and 4 nurses. A pulse checker was clipped to my thumb and that scared me a bit more. This didn’t look Minor to me in any way. However, after the 2 small pricks of the local anaesthesia that the doctor gave me on my poor toe, I was in a rare state. I was stuck somewhere between consciousness and sub consciousness. My toe was numb and my entire foot was restless! It was a great feeling. Except for the time I asked the doctor if he’s forgotten to take out the needles form my toe. I recall feeling every single cut he made and as he scooped out the infection from inside it, I remember only feeling those cuts and no pain that would usually go along with it. It was wow! The next few days I indulged myself in the painkillers prescribed to me. I was happy. When the effect would wear off, I knew it was time to take another one (Any kind would do!)

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