Carpe Diem!

Monday, March 24, 2008

After a while, I finally let myself go. I’d been thinking a lot of taking a trip to Bangalore and this long weekend seemed perfect. So I just booked tickets two days before Thursday and left.

The moment I stepped into the city I fell in love with it’s weather. Everything around me was green. It was like a shade card of greens spilled everywhere.

So, while I sipped coffee standing outside the airport waiting for my friend I wondered what the next two days will be like.

After sometime I met Divya and we exchanged pleasantries… and headed straight to the Shiv temple. (which gets its fame for the 65 feet long Shiv statue it has)

That moment I kind of figured what my trip was going to be like!!

The next place we went to was TGIF and thankfully we reached well before the happy hours could end. Half an hour later I was lugging my bag happily in the rain walking towards BBQ nation (rooftop!!) it was blissful. Everything except for the songs that the live band played there.

This was the end of the day. we headed home and slept.

Day 2

Woke up late and thought I was early because I didn’t see the sunshine. Went outside and saw that it was drizzling and it was about 11 something. Ate aloo paranthas and then went out for shopping. Stopped by at infant jeasus church. Walked on the overcrowded mucky streets in oshos. Went to hard rock café for a bit. After an hour we were strutting away at brigade road. Saree shopping at Nalli didn’t take much of our time. And because the city boasts of its pubs we decided to head to someplace where we could sit and maybe have a beer or two. So we went to Guzzlers- a famous city pub, one of the oldest.

Later, for dinner we headed to Rendezvous. This small restaurant with very good food.

And because Bangalore doesn’t have much of a nightlife we were left with nothing much to do except for maybe go to a friends place and chill. So we did and then went home and slept.

Day 3

Whizzed by. Woke up. Went for lunch to Little home where I feasted on crabs, prawns and ghee rice. (yum!!) after which I had a maghay paan. Went home and then stepped out for coffee. After which I almost went out or dinner with my friends future family and their family friends. But thank god for making cousins. I met Samu at a nearby restaurant and we spoke a lot. Time flew and soon the couple was back. We left soon after. Went home. And then ;ater me and divya went for coffee to the Leela Palace. It was nice. We chatted and almost caught up on the last 2 years (??)

After this, there was just no time left. i went and packed and after a 3 hour nap I was in a car to the airport. Early morning I was in a flight on my way back to Bombay and as we cut the coulds and sped towards the city which would end my holiday, I hoped for one thing. If only I could’ve packed the weather in my bags.

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